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Best-Selling Book by Crystal Iris

The Bossette Breakthrough: The Roadmap To More Love, Faith, and Freedom is a deeply personal journey that Author Crystal Iris takes you on in hopes to dig deeper into whatever it is that is holding you back from being free. This book takes you on a ride of ups and downs and transformations.



The author defines the term “Bossette” as being a powerful woman who is spiritually in-tuned and knows that there is a calling on her life. She’s a feminine force that is exceptionally crafted into the embodiment of a physical being. She works under divine guidance and purpose with healing abilities for self and those within her reach.



A “Bossette” is a game changer, a nurturer, and realizes that her power lies in being feminine. She knows that her past is only part of the story and she has the strength to create a new story. A “Bossette” views life as a gift, and that which comes with it is part of the territory. She knows how to navigate the roadblocks and embrace obstacles as lessons to carry with her.



So travel along on this adventure of discovery, revelation, and peace.

Download my FREE e-book "10+ Days to Tap-In & Protect Your Peace"

The phrase "Protect Your Peace" may seem trendy and cliche, but when stress, anxiety, and worry are high it's important to go within your Self, find your peace and protect it by any means necessary. This super quick e-book provides readers with practical steps they can take on a daily basis to do just that. The book includes short messages, daily activities, and challenges to support their peaceful journey. May you find more ways to clear negative energy than burning sage and saying "woosah". May peace forever be in your favor.

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