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Did we do this?

I have something special for you so read until the end. Remember at the start of the year when everybody was praying, setting intentions and screaming that this year was going to be their best year yet? Remember the common theme penetrating the earth was "20/20 VISION". I was texting a mentor yesterday and sharing thoughts. She agreed and added that people wanted to have more time with their family, the ability to work from home and have some alone time. She's absolutely right! I had so many conversations with my friends at the beginning of the year with the same desires. 

So it got me to thinking, what if we collectively manifested this to happen? How else do you see clearly if you don't sit down and get quiet? If you've been following me for a while, you know that I have a passion for energy, meditation, and manifestation topics. In spite of all of the theories that are out there around this pandemic, I also feel that we are witnessing the universe's response to our requests. When we're manifesting we have to be open to receiving our requests in whatever way they may come. Our desires may not always come the way we anticipate or expect it to come and we have to be okay with that. 

My hope is that you (we) are still holding true to our 20/20 vision. I know I am! I've been in the lab creating for my following ever since I got word that I could work from home! This is the perfect time for us to truly tap into ourselves and see what is distracting us from elevating into our true selves. 

I created an interactive course filled with recordings and videos to assist you in your journey to get crystal-clear (pun-intended) on your life so that when we come out of this pandemic, you can come out knowing who you are and where you're going. My course,"Crystalized in 10 Days"is a 10 day Journey that assesses the six perspectives of life (relationships, emotions, spirituality, wellness, career and finances) and guides you to identify the distractions that are in those areas so that you can choose to eliminate or manage them. I did this course a few years ago and here is what my Bossette Maisha had to say about it.

"When I first started the Get Crystalized in 10 Days experience I was feeling hopeless that I wouldn't discover my purpose and destiny in life. I was experiencing a lack of direction and was close to giving up. I had some battles about my life that I didn't know if I could change.  However, working with Crystal Iris in this program I've found the passions and gifts that are the best options for my purpose. I've experienced breakthroughs not only about my purpose but how to maximize my earning potential and how to be happy with me and my journey. I am very grateful to Crystal and the Get Crystalized in 10 Days experience for showing me a new life!! -Maisha J.

I made it so that you can move at your own pace. I usually offer this for $49, but because you are a part of my community, I am offering a special rate of $19. That's it. Just $19 but you have to use the discount code "bossette" in order to get the special pricing. Oh, and the other thing you should know is that the code is only good for the first 20 people and it expires on Tuesday, April 14th. After that it goes back to the original pricing of $49. Grab your course NOW! Also, if you order your course now, I'm offering a special bonus call on Wednesday night to set the tone for the ladies embarking on their journey. 

I hope that you and your family are getting calm, healthy and staying safe. My prayers and love are with each and every one of you. I hope that what I continue to create for you is helping.

Love AlwayZ,

Crystal Iris

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