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My Prayer for your 2020 Year!

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

We are in the final hours of 2019 and we’re headed into 2020 with bright eyes and bushy tails. I am so excited for what’s about to take place in this new year. For me, My sorority, Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Incorporated turns 100 years on January 16th. I will be in wedding bliss having several events leading up to the big day in September. I will be wrapping up my doctorate and building my businesses. I am forever thankful for what I’ve been through and especially for what’s coming to me.

Here are my prayers for your 2020.

1. I pray that you put God first in all things.

2. I pray that you learn who you are by spending time with yourself and increasing your self-awareness.

3. I pray that you forgive yourself for what you didn’t accomplish. Just let it go. You’re still here and can reach your goals.

4. I pray that you open yourself up to love and healthy relationships. Date someone in alignment with your values, choices and goals.

5. I pray for financial increase and stability.

6. I pray that you have fun even if that means having fun alone.

7. I pray that you forgive those who hurt you even if they never apologize for it.

8. I pray that you live boldly and profoundly.

9. I pray that your next decade blows your mind.

10. I pray that you become smarter.

11. I pray that you travel near and far.

12. I pray that you dance to the beat of your own drum.

13. I pray that everything you touch is successful.

14. I pray that you get you some new friends and build on the friendships that you have.

15. I pray that you love on your family with the deepest love.

16. I pray that you find purpose and live in it, unapologetically.

17. I pray that you network with people that can support your dreams.

18. I pray that that you eliminate distractions.

19. I pray that you do what makes you afraid...like skydive or start the business you really want to start.

20. I pray that you realize how amazingly, talented, brilliant you are and you truly accept it and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE as you expect the unexpected exceptions for you!

Your Bossette Breakthrough Is Here! I can’t wait to connect with you more in the new year and beyond! Have fun and most of all be safe.

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